Visits and visitors

We had a great week settling back into school after the half-term break. Our attendance last week was our best yet – 95.5%. This is brilliant so thank you to everyone for your hard work.

Over the half term holiday, we had some decoration put up in the entrance hall and the school halls. These have all the flags of the countries the families of all the children at Firs come from. Have a look at them next time you are in school.

The week before we broke up, our School Council went to town to visit the Knife Angel, accompanied by staff and one of our school governors, Mr Rogers. They are now busy putting together an assembly to talk to the rest of the school about their visit.

Our children have been out and about representing the school at various sporting events as well as on school trips – their behaviour has been impeccable and they have represented our school well.

Finally, we are trying to get our first residential visit arranged for Y5 and Y6. This will be an amazing opportunity for children to stay away from school, camping in the forest and learning ‘Bushcraft’ skills. We are fortunate to be able to subsidise this visit so it will only cost £100 for 3 days away. If you haven’t sent in your £25 deposit, please do so – we have only 8 spaces left. If you would like your child to go but the cost is stopping you, please come in and have a word with Mrs Pickering.

Parents’ Afternoons were very well attended – thank you for taking the time to come in and talk with your child’s class teacher. Thanks also to those parents who filled in a ParentView questionnaire. If you would like to do one of these, you can either log onto Ofsted’s website and search for ParentView, or if you haven’t got an email address, come into school and we can give you a guest login. If you would like support with reading this or need it translating, let us know and we will see if we are able to help you.

One last exciting piece of news, for those of you who haven’t already heard, Miss Sheldon has given birth to a baby girl named Ivy. They both came to visit us last week and Miss Sheldon enjoyed having a catch up with the children, while staff enjoyed having a cuddle with Ivy!

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