Aspiring Acers and Excellent Elms 2021 – 2022


Excellent Elms is taught by Miss Potts-Perkins and the teaching assistant is Mrs Zareba

Aspiring Acers is taught by Miss Howard and the teaching assistant is Mrs Plowright


Our classrooms are well organised to promote the children’s independence and to ensure the best from all of our children. Both classrooms have working walls for English and Maths to aid the children with their work. We also celebrate children’s fantastic work by displaying it around our classrooms.

School Council

Every class has at least one school councillor to help share their classes’ views and make changes across the school.

School Councillors

Aspiring Acers

Lexi Gibb – School Councillor 2021-2022

School Councillors

Excellent Elms

Mia – Excellent Elms School Councilor 21/22

Class Dojo Masters

Every class has at least 1 dojo master. The dojo masters help show visitors around school and explain what they are/have been doing in class.

Dojo Master:

Aspiring Acers – Max and Allison

Dojo Master

Excellent Elms 

Reeyansh and Robyn

Dojo master

Our Curriculum

Click on the tabs below to find out more information about each topic. Throughout the year we will also add pictures of memorable experiences and hooks!

During this term children will be studying an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066: Changing perceptions of the monarchy; Richard III and Elizabeth I.  In art, we will study portraits of past monarchs. In science, the children will study the concept of light.

Little Red

It’s the traditional tale you all know so well… But with an unexpected twist!


We made gingerbread people to fill Little Reds basket for her grandma. 


Coming soon!

During this term we will be learning about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and how people in those times lived and worked. Within our Science lessons we will be learning about light and how shadows are formed.

Focus text: The Caravan by Pie Corbett

Pie Corbett’s atmospheric warning story is about a boy called Mitch who is warned not to play by the pylon. To his mum’s dismay Mitch and his friend goes to the pylon and finds a caravan. One afternoon a storm raged and they all jumped into the caravan. But then disaster struck as there was an enormous crash and the caravan roof  crumpled in.

Focus text: Hook

As we are going to be writing a warning tale we learnt about how to keep our houses safe from fire at Christmas time and created a warning poster to help inform others.


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During this term, we are going to be focusing on the Ancient Greek times. We will be looking at Electricity in science, Pandora’s box in art and design, E-safety in computing and ‘How can we reduce our use of electricity?’

Focus text: Theseus and the Minotaur

Theseus and the Minotaur is an example of a myth. According to legend, King Minos ruled Athens and forced the Athenians to deliver seven youths and seven maidens every nine years. They became prey of the Minotaur in the labyrinth, and Athens escaped further sanctions through their obedience. Theseus decided that this life was not fair and decided to travel to the labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur.


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Coming soon

During this term we will be learning about how sound travels and how we hear in our science lessons, we will also be learning some map skills geography. Within Design and Technology we will be designing and building our own musical instruments using recycled materials.

Focus text: Adventures at Sandy Cove by Pie Corbett

Our quality text is called Adventures at Sandy Cove and is written by Pie Corbett. This is a journey story and within this story we learn about 2 boys who go exploring at the beach and make a shocking discovery whilst looking for shells.


For our writing hook we listened to a real police officer announce a crime in the local area.

We looked at the vocabulary the police officer used and then used our inference skills to make assumptions about who the man could be and where he could have gone.

This fictional activity was used to encourage children to ask questions like a real detective!


Coming soon

Within our topic this term we will be learning about the Romans, when they lived and where they were from. Alongside this we will be creating mosaics in our art lessons and designing a roman shield in design and technology.

Should Daleks be allowed to live on Earth?

This text is a discussion text written by Pie Corbett, it is all about whether or not Dalek’s should be allowed to live on planet Earth.

For our hook for our discussion writing, we had a discussion about the question “Does having more make us happier?”

In teams the class discussed the question and developed our ideas. Two children presented three reasons from opposing sides to the class for discussion.

Today we got to learn about life in Roman times through a hands on workshop. We learnt about what Roman soldiers wore, what they had to carry with them, what they ate and even where they went to the toilet! We also found out what Roman people did for fun in a real life battle at the Colosseum. We all had a great time and learnt lots of new things about our topic.

This term our topic ‘Predator’ is all about different types of animals, how they survive and where they live. During this term we are also learning about maps and how we use them, stop frame animation and how to play tennis in our PE sessions.

What would happen if we lost the happy endings to stories – imagine the tears at bedtime! A fantastic and magical tale about what happens when, one night, a wicked witch steals the happy endings to bedtime stories. It is up to Jub, the keeper of the happy endings, to save the day and ensure sweet dreams everywhere in this lyrical story about storytelling. In the tradition of classic fairy tales for children, Carol Ann Duffy and Jane Ray have created a truly compelling, surprising and beautiful story for children of all ages.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our Experiences and Opportunities

We do lots of exciting things throughout the year, this may be part of our topic or additional experiences, click on the tabs below to have a look.

Things you need to know!

PE for AA is on a Monday.

PE for EE is on a Tuesday.

The children will change for PE in school so please ensure they have their kit ready. They can leave this in school if you like.

AA and EE Year 3s will go swimming this half of the year. Your child will need a swimming kit every Thursday.

Year 4 will learn the violins for music on a Thursday.

Home Learning for each class is due every Thursday – see the home learning grid for tasks set


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