Aspiring Acers and Excellent Elms

Excellent Elms

Teacher: Miss Guildford

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Zareba

Aspiring Acers

Teacher: Mrs Twist

Teaching Assistant: Miss Delaney

Our classrooms are well organised to promote the children’s independence and to ensure the best from all of our children. Both classrooms have working walls for English and Maths to aid the children with their work. We also celebrate children’s fantastic work by displaying it around our classrooms.

Aspiring Acers’ School Councillor

Every class has at least one school councilor to help share their classes’ views and make changes across the school.

Excellent Elms’ School Councillor


Aspiring Acers’ Dojo Masters:

King and Robyn

Every class has at least 1 dojo master. The dojo masters help show visitors around school and explain what they are/have been doing in class.

Excellent Elms’ Dojo Masters:

Karoz and Ema

Click on the tabs below to find out more information about each topic. Throughout the year we will also add pictures of memorable experiences and hooks!

In this topic, we will look closely at Ancient Greece: a study of Greek life and
achievements and their influence on the western world.
As part of Science, we will look at Electricity and Working Scientifically throughout different processes.
Within Art and Design, we will be Drawing with sketching pencil, focusing on perspective – 3D box design.  We will have a go at 3D Work, designing and sculpting a Clay Pandora’s Box. For Design and Technology, we will be looking at different inventors and how they have impacted our lives today.
As part of our Computing this term, we will cover E Safety – making sure our children feel confident in using the internet safely.
Our question for Climate and Environment studies will be:

Conservation of electricity – How can we reduce our use of electricity?

Within this topic, the children will get the chance to study states of matter and different materials within Science. We will even erupt our own volcano with our parents! In Geography, they will use atlas’, maps and digital mapping to locate countries and features. We will also study the greenhouse gases from volcanoes that contribute to global warming. Lets go!

Focus text: Escape to Pompeii by Christina Balit

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 destroyed Pompeii, but some people must have survived. Taking this historical event as a starting point, this story tells of Tranio, an actor’s son, and his friend Livia, the baker’s daughter, as they witness the destruction of their beloved city.


As we are going to be writing a warning tale we learnt about how to act incase of an Earthquake!


We erupted our volcanoes with our parents and carers from home using bicarbonate soda, red food colouring and vinegar.

During this term, we are going to be focusing on the Anglo-Saxon and Viking times in Britain. In Art, we will study material pattern printing from these periods in time. In Geography, we will learn the locations of certain settlements and look at their geographical features. We will study the Viking tale ‘Beowulf’ and innovate it to create our very own ‘conquering the monster tale’.

Focus text: Beowulf

In this tale, Beowulf battles the terrible monster ‘Grendel’. We will look at this story for our writing this term. We shall innovate the tale to create our very own ‘conquering the monster tale’. 


We designed and made our own terrifying monsters!


Coming soon

During this term we will be learning about how the human body works when we digest our food. We will look at different foods and how important to us a healthy diet is. We will study teeth and see how different foods will effect our enamel. For music, we will play the handbells. In PE, we will learn how to play rounders.

Focus text: Poppy and Waldo by Pie Corbett

In writing, we will be creating our own ‘meeting tale’ based on the story Poppy and Waldo. they two children get to meet a giant!


TA giant came to visit our classroom!


Coming soon

Within our topic this term we will be learning about magnets and their properties. We will also be looking at different metals and their magnetic properties. We will study friction and how this impacts upon movement.

As part of Design and Technology, we will create a moving robot – how exciting!

We are very lucky this term to be having a community artist Kate to help deliver our art lessons – we will be making metal structures. Parents will be able to come into school on the 16th May to create metal jewellery with the children – Yay!

In PE, we shall be playing badminton.

The Robot and the Bluebird

This text is a moving tale about a Robot that has a broken heart and a bird looking for a helping hand.

For our hook for our writing, we built Robots out of junk modelling materials. 

Coming soon!

Parents will be invited into school on the 16th May at 2.30pm to make metal jewellery with us.

In Blue Abyss we are going to be looking at living things and their habitats and food chains. In Geography, we are going to be identifying the positions and the importance of many key parts that a globe tells us. We are also going to be thinking about climate change on the water cycle and the availability of drinking water.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our first Talk for Writing unit this term is centred around ‘Conquering the Monster’ stories. We are using the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops which is originally from Homer’s Odyssey to explore the features of this genre. We are focusing our learning on writing effective descriptions.


In class we are also reading a range of quality texts.

Aspiring Acers are reading ‘Cat Tales’ by Linda Newberry

Excellent Elms are reading ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine.

Our Experiences and Opportunities

We do lots of exciting things throughout the year, this may be part of our topic or additional experiences.

Memorable Experiences

October 4th – Past presents are visiting to give us an exciting day learning about Ancient Greece

Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th December – Visit to Derby Museum to learn about Roman Derby
13th and 14th June – Geography visit to Padley Gorge

Parental Engagement

Tuesday 11th October pm – Class Museum. Visit your child’s class to see a wonderful display of their learning from our ‘Gods and Mortals’ topic.

PE for both Aspiring Acers and Excellent Elms is on a Friday

The children will change for PE in school so please ensure they have their kit ready. They can leave this in school if you like.

Home learning will be sent out every Friday and will need to be returned by Wednesday the following week. Your child is able to complete it at lunchtimes in school if that is needed, just speak to their class teacher.

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