School Outings

At Firs Primary School, we appreciate the value that first-hand experience can bring. The children are provided with opportunities to carry out a variety of activities within the local environment, as well as outings which take them further afield. Your child’s class may make local visits on foot from time to time, without your being notified in writing. However, when a visit entails travel by coach or car we will always ask you to complete a consent form. Classes are always well supervised, and safety is paramount.


Charging for School Activities


The 1988 Education Reform Act requires that all activities during normal school hours will be free. However, to enable educational visits to take place, parents may be asked for a ‘voluntary contribution’. No child will be placed at a disadvantage because of a parent’s unwillingness or inability to pay. Should the total voluntary contributions fall short of the cost of the activity, it may have to be cancelled.

We are however, delighted that all activities planned by staff have been carried out, thanks to support from the parents of our pupils.



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