General Resources

Click the tabs below to find a range of resources for each subject.

For science activities follow @MrsBpriSTEM on twitter.

Pobble 365: Writing activities based a picture. A different picture a day!

Lots of great stories by authors and famous people!

A free audio story by David Walliams

Pie Corbett is doing a daily radio broadcast 9.30 – 10.30. This is interactive with writing activities to join in with. This can be accessed after the broadcast too as a podcast.

Daily 10 mental maths questions (from any number based area of maths)

Daily maths lesson by White Rose Maths. These can also be accessed on Facebook (but please ask a parent to do this for you!)

Maths guide for parents from Third Space Learning

Timestables from Third Space Learning

Lees Brook MFL department have set up a group on Quizlet where Y6 pupils can learn some French and German vocabulary before joining us in September.  There will be 12 words a week and there are several ways to learn, with flashcards, spelling practise, a multiple choice test and a couple of games.  You can join the classes by following the links below, one for each class.  You will need to set up a free Quizlet account, which will ask for parental permission.  Please be assured there is no advertising on this Quizlet account.  Quizlet works well as an app on a phone, but can also be used on a tablet or other computer.

Nick Sharratt’s (author) drawing tips

Daily workout sessions with Joe Wicks.

Lots of P.E games can be found on the ‘P.E Shed’ they also have a facebook account with videos and explanations

Stay Active Resources

Activities for R.E

School Toolkit have come up with some exciting weekly tasks!

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons – For all year groups!

The Oak National Academy have created a range of online lessons for children to participate in. This is again for all year groups and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Twinkl, a teaching resource site, is offering 1 month free subscription for parents. You can download activities and resources from any area of the curriculum!

We’ve (mostly the lovely people of the internet) have complied a list of ideas to develop learning through a range of practical activities across the curriculum.

Revision videos and daily math problems by @MeganQu70825995 (twitter) on YouTube

Take a visit to Edinburgh Zoo without even leaving your house! They have webcams so you can spy on lots of the animals throughout the day.

A range of websites and apps are available for free that cover a range of topics and subjects.

Colouring activities from RNLI

Another teacher has found lots of great resources, videos and ideas online and created a bank for everyone to use

Picture News will upload a ‘virtual assembly’ every week to be shared with everyone at home

WE Schools also have a daily challenges video that links to PSHE

WE Schools, who visited year 5/6 earlier this year, have a range of resources that can be used by parents.

Classroom secrets have scheduled a range of activities that can be done throughout the day for children of different ages.

Stuck Inside a free online ebook.

Resources to support conversations at home about Black Lives Matter

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