Year 3 & 4 Marvellous Maples and Jolly Junipers


Marvellous Maples Teacher: Miss Howard

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Allison and Mrs Brown

Jolly Junipers Teacher: Mrs Willis

Teaching Assistants: Miss Harrison and Miss Jones

Marvellous Maples Classroom


Our classrooms are well organised to promote the children’s independence and to ensure the best from all of our children. Both classrooms have working walls for English and Maths to aid the children with their work. We also have Topic boards where we proudly display the children’s work and photographs of their learning.

Jolly Junipers Classroom

School Council

Every class has at least one school councillor to help share their classes’ views and make changes across the school.

School Councillor for Marvellous Maples


School Councillor for Jolly Junipers


Class Dojo Masters

Every class has at least 1 dojo master. The dojo masters help show visitors around school and explain what they are/have been doing in class.

Dojo Masters – Marvellous Maples

Jessica  and  Sankelp

Dojo Masters – Jolly Junipers

Ondrej and Viktorie

Our Curriculum

Click on the tabs below to find out more information about each topic. 

In this topic, we will look closely at Ancient Greece: a study of Greek life and
achievements and their influence on the western world.
As part of Science, we will look at Electricity and Working Scientifically throughout different processes.
Within Art and Design, we will be Drawing with sketching pencil, focusing on perspective – 3D box design.  We will have a go at 3D Work, designing and sculpting a Clay Pandora’s Box. For Design and Technology, we will be looking at different inventors and how they have impacted our lives today.
As part of our Computing this term, we will cover E Safety – making sure our children feel confident in using the internet safely.
Our question for Climate and Environment studies will be:

Conservation of electricity – How can we reduce our use of electricity?

Quality Text

Our quality text this term:

‘The Cyclops, Polyphemus’ – adapted from ‘The Iliad and the Odyssey’ by Marcia Williams.


The Hook


For our hook, we designed and drew our own Mythical Creature.


Our Experience:

Coming soon!

Throughout this term, we are going to be looking at the Romans and learning about when they invaded Britain and what influences they had on our lives today e.g. roads and our language. In Art and Design Technology we will be learning to sketch a Roman bust using different pencils and how to make bread similar to the Romans. In our Computing lessons we will be learning about the parts of a computer and how we can search for information about the Romans using the internet.

Our key text this term:


King Midas


Quality text - King Midas

King Midas is granted one wish and he chooses the ability to be able to turn anything he touches into gold. At first this is amazing but soon things turn bad. He cannot eat or drink because his food and water turn to gold. He cannot hug his children because he fears they will turn into statues. Eventually he asks the Gods to remove his ability but he does not learn from this experience. King Midas upsets the Gods and they give him a pair of donkey ears.


The Hook

This term our book is all about having a wish granted so for our hook we watched a video called ‘The Wish-granter’ and then we thought of what our three wishes would be.


Our Experience:

For our experience we will be visiting the Derby Museum to look at the artefacts they have related to the Romans.

More information to follow.

This half term, children will be learning more about the City of Derby. In History, they will investigate the past by studying significant buildings –  the Silk Mill and Derby Cathedral. Geography will focus on map skills. In Art we will explore graffiti and the works of Banksy and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Quality Text

Our key text this term:


The Caravan

In this warning tale, Mitch learns the dangers of playing outside during a storm.


The Hook

We watched a video of lightning striking buildings and discussed how we felt and what warnings we would give other people to protect them from being struck by lightning.


Our Experience:

We will be taking a tour of Derby City centre, looking at significant places, buildings and monuments. We will be carrying out a traffic survey in the local area to establish how much traffic is contributing to climate change through emissions.

In Burps, Bottoms and Bile, we will be looking at animals and humans digestive system and their skeletons. We will will also be looking at healthy diets and how to prepare and cook food in design and technology.

Quality Text

Our key text this term:


Poppy, Waldo and the Giant by Pie Corbett


The day that Poppy thought she saw a giant was the first day of the summer holidays.

Who is this giant and what are they doing around where Poppy lives?


The Hook

Someone raided our classroom!

Whilst we were out, someone helped themselves into our classroom and raided our book corner. They left huge white footsteps and they left us a piece of paper with a strange story on it.


Our Experience:

Coming soon!

As part of Design and Technology, we will create a moving robot – how exciting!

We are very lucky this term to be having a community artist Kate to help deliver our art lessons – we will be making metal structures. Parents will be able to come into school on the 16th May to create metal jewellery with the children – Yay!

In PE, we shall be learning to play badminton.

King of the birds

Our key text this term:


The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas


There was once a robot with a broken heart, good for nothing but expiring slowly on a scrap heap. Then one winter’s day a migrating bluebird lands on his shoulder, too exhausted to go further. The robot offers her shelter in the place where his heart used to be, and her warmth and singing and companionship stir up the last glimmer of energy the robot has; he carries her across snowy wastes to the warm south, whereupon his strength dies out finally. And there he still stands today like an old hollow tree, home every year to singing birds.


The Hook


Junk Model Robots


For the hook of our topic, we made some junk model robots. We used old cereal boxes, tubes and paper to create our very own robots. Some of us made actual robots, and some of us turned each other into a robot, by making a robot head, or arms!


Our Experience:


Jewellery Making


To start off our jewellery making activity, we asked the parents to come in and we designed our own jewellery. Once we had finished our designs, we then made the jewellery by manipulating metal wire into necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We also added beads and charms to our jewellery to make them look pretty.

In Blue Abyss we are going to be looking at living things and their habitats and food chains. In Geography, we are going to be identifying the positions and the importance of many key parts that a globe tells us. We are also going to be thinking about climate change on the water cycle and the availability of drinking water.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Our key text this term:


The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy


Each night, in the hours between supper and bedtime the Tear Thief carries her waterproof, silvery sack over her shoulder as she soundlessly steals the tears of every child who cries. But what does she do with all of those tears? This tale illustrates a message to teach children to value true feelings.


The Hook


We found some tears!


When we came in from break time today, we found a bag with something in it. We opened the bag and it was a bag of tears. We talked about who we thought the tears had come from.


Our Experience:

Coming soon!

Our Experiences and Opportunities

We will be doing lots of exciting things over the year. Click on the tabs below to see the photos of what we have been up to.

This Autumn, we will be visited by Past Presents – an exciting workshop on the Greeks.

Coming Soon!

For our experience in Autumn 2, we asked the Past Presents people to come in and the children experienced what it would have been like to spend a day in Pompeii when the volcano had erupted. We did a mixture of activities of lifting things off of buildings, putting the fires out in the houses and crawling around on the floor to get out of a building.

For our experience in Spring 1, we had the Past Presents people in again to teach us all about the Vikings. We learnt about how the vikings prep their ships for battle, how they fought and what happened to them when they died.

Things You Need To Know

Home learning will help children to practice skills and consolidate knowledge learnt at school. For Marvellous Maples and Jolly Junipers, home learning will be given to the children on Friday and must be returned to school by the following Thursday.

Home learning club is available at lunch time if your child wishes to attend or requires extra support.

If children are struggling or you are unsure how to support your child, please message Miss Howard or Mrs Willis on Class Dojo.

Children will also have the option of completing topic related challenges which can be chosen from the grid on the topic page.


PE day for both Maples and Junipers is on Thursday.


The children need to bring in their PE kit to school, so that they can get changed in school, just before PE.

Year 3s will go swimming on a Thursday. Please send your child with a full piece swim suit if they are a girl and swimming shorts for boys


In September-December we do PE indoors. The children need to have shorts and a top in their bags. From January the children will be doing PE outdoors. They need to make sure that they have got warm clothes such as joggers and a hoodie.


Here are some useful websites that you might want to visit to support your child’s learning.



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