Teaching Staff

Senior Leadership Team:


Headteacher Mrs P Martin
Deputy Headteacher Mrs R Blurton
School Business Manager Mr D Jones


Middle Leadership Team:


Early Years Leader Miss R Marley
Key Stage 1 Leader Mrs C Moore (Part Time)

Miss A Sheldon

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader Miss R Howard
Upper Key Stage 2 Leader Miss L Bailey


Early Years Foundation Stage:




Teaching Assistant

Nursery – Ace Acorns

Early Years Foundation Stage – Bright Blossoms

Miss R Marley

Miss E Walker

Miss C Moore

Mrs E Newbury

Miss L Capewell, Mrs B Korzeniewska, Mrs S Fleming & Mrs E Tofil-Potocka


Infant (Key Stage 1) Teaching Staff:




Teaching Assistant

Year 2 – Spectacular Sycamores Miss C Hodges Miss G Hussain
Miss D McGrath
Year 1 – Positive Palms Miss H Goodhead Mr E Richardson
Year 2 – Lively Laurels Miss A Sheldon Miss C Torrance
Year 2 – Helpful Hollies Miss L O’Connor Mrs D Tunnicliffe


Junior (Key Stage 2) Teaching Staff:




Teaching Assistant

Year 3/4 – Aspiring Acers Mrs D Twist Miss E Delaney
Year 3/4 – Excellent Elms Miss K Guildford Mrs M Zareba
Year 3/4 – Jolly Junipers Mrs J Willis
Miss S Harrison
Year 3/4 – Marvellous Maples Miss R Howard Miss K Allison
Mrs K Brown
Year 5/6 – Awesome Oaks Miss L Bailey Mrs K Prothero


Miss B Pickering

Year 5/6 – Resilient Redwoods Mr B Barrass
Year 5/6 – Splendid Spruces  Miss D Cooke
Mrs L Skillington (Miss Luda)
Year 5/6 – Wonderful Willows Mr  T Silkstone Ms S McCallum


Specialist Team:


Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs P Martin
Safeguarding and Families Manager/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs C Mugglestone
Learning Mentor Miss L Talbot



Education Data Coordinator

Mrs R Blurton

Mrs P Hunt (Part time)

Mrs L Etchells


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