Year 5/6 Awesome Oaks and Resilient Redwoods

Awesome Oaks

Teacher: Miss Bailey / Mrs Hunt

Teaching Assistant: Miss Delaney

Resilient Redwoods

Teacher: Mr Barrass

Teaching Assistant: Miss Pickering

Both of the classrooms are bright and encourage children to be independent: they can find their own resources to support them in their learning.

Every class has at least one school councillor to help share their classes’ views and make changes across the school.

Awesome Oaks’ School Councillor



Resilient Redwoods’ School Councillor:


Every class has at least 1 dojo master. The dojo masters help show visitors around school and explain what they are/have been doing in class.

Awesome Oaks’ Dojo Masters



Resilient Redwoods’ Dojo Master:



Click on the tabs below to find out more information about each topic. Throughout the year we will also add pictures of memorable experiences!

Pharaohs is a topic based on a History unit about Egyptians. We will use a range of sources to extract information. We will then make inferences about how they used to live and learn what life was like in this era. 

This will link well to our Geography topic. We will look at a range of biomes and those that are present in Africa. We will study the River Nile and see just how important this was to Egyptians many years ago.

In Art, we will learn a range of skills. Starting by learning how to sketch artefacts using shading techniques. We will then build up to using clay to join slips of clay together to create our desires piece. We will finally paint the amulet to create a realistic design.

Reading and Talk for Writing

In class we will be reading the book ‘Clockwork.’ We will also have the opportunity to read non-fictions text about Tutankhamun from our book corner.

We will begin looking at the book ‘Black Dog’. Focusing on skills to recall and retrieve information and then interpret meaning and make accurate predictions based on what might happen next.


We will look at creating a diary entry by writing in first person. Recalling a sequence of events that have happened.


We will write a tale of suspense by building up our paragraphs to reveal small details and allow the reader’s imagination to fill in the gaps. 

Memorable Experience 

We will have a drama group called ‘Past Presents’ in to help us find out what life was like in the Egyptian period.

Careers and parental engagement

Career: Lawyer

We will look at the role of a lawyer to see what they do for a living. We will find out what skills you need to complete this job, looking closely at their knowledge of the law and how British Values come into play.

Parental engagement activity: Meet the Teacher

Come back soon to see exciting pictures of our experience

In this exciting unit, we will be learning all about Earth and Space! There will be opportunity to conduct research on different planets within our solar system, find out more about the orbit of the Moon, Earth and the Sun. Understanding how night and day occur, why seasons happen and where the days, months and years come from. This is a large Science unit that is specific to year 5 and 6.

There will be links to Geography. Understanding why we have longitude and latitude lines on maps, researching time zones and identifying where famous scientists come from using their map work.

Reading and Talk for Writing

In class we will be reading the books; ‘Wolf Brother’, ‘The kid who came from space’, ‘Cosmic’ and ‘The Jamie Jake equation’. Children will have plenty of opportunity to read non-fiction texts to study more about Earth and Space. We have a wide variety of books located on MYON using your child’s login details.

Fiction/Non-Fiction Units

We will be creating a journey story. This will focus on setting and character descriptions to add detail to our stories. Building up our knowledge of story structure, will ensure there is cohesion along with language choices to support the reader.

Memorable Experience

We will be taking a trip to the National Space Centre! Here we will continue to look at our Science Topic about Space, looking at interactive resources to find out more about planets and how we have travelled to the moon through rockets!

Space Centre

Come back soon to see exciting photos from our visit, you won’t want to miss these pictures…

Careers and Parental engagement 

Career: Research Meteorologist

Fitting in perfectly with our theme, the role of a Meteorologist is an interesting career to study so we can see what they do for a living. We will find out what skills you need to complete this job, looking closely at their knowledge of Science and Space.

Parental engagement activity: Making a foam Rocket

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In this unit of work, we will be looking closely at our Geography unit – reading maps and using 6 figure references. This will enable us to read and interpret maps, finding key locations and understand keys on various types of maps.

This will link closely to our Computing topic, where we will use presentation software to create slides based on our research. We will look at creating our own island and presenting the facts based on habitats and locations.

Reading and Talk for Writing

In class we will be reading the book ‘The Hobbit’. This book is rich in vocabulary to support children use sophisticated language and punctuation to support the reader. 


We will be creating a defeating the monster story. We will focus on breaking down the text to show an opening that describes a setting, middle that identifies a problem, middle – solution to defeat the monster and an ending to show what happens and create a moral of the story.

Non-Fiction 2

Memorable Experience

We will be having Sublime Science come to our School. This will be a great opportunity to see the magic of science and understand how different liquids react with one another!

Sublime Science 

Check back here soon to see fabulous photos of our experience…

Careers and Parental Engagement

Career: Medical professional

We will find out all about a medical professional. Learning how they need to communicate with people and use their scientific knowledge to help people.

Parental engagement:  Showing their multi-media presentations (from our computing lessons computing)

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In our topic, Peasants, Princes and Pestilence, we will be focusing on History. Looking at the plague village of Eyam and how the locals of Derbyshire had to heroically quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the plague!

In computing, we will be looking at E-Safety – knowing how to stay safe online and what to do when there are problems.

In Art, we will be looking at stitching and how to cross-stitch!

Reading and Talk for Writing

In class we will be reading the book ‘The land of Roar’. We have a range of fictional texts to support our readers, enabling them to capture their imagination and use this inspiration in their writing. 


We will be creating a ‘finding tale’ where children must create a character and an object. They will create a sequence of events to enable to the character to find something mysterious. Children will develop skills around punctuation and how this changes the way in which the reader reads the story. 


Non-Fiction 2

Memorable Experiences
We will be off on a trip to the famous Eyam in Derbyshire! Let’s see what the village has to offer as we look through and find Mompesson’s well. 

Museum of Eyam

Visitors to Eyam 

Come back soon to see our wonderful photos of Eyam…

Parental Engagement and Careers

Careers: Water and Sewage Works

Surprisingly, this can be an interesting career. It shows us just how vital water is to our homes and the value it has on society.

Parental engagement: Creating a village based on the town of Eyam

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In this unit we will look at the Tudor period. We will discover the causes of the English reformation while looking at the significance of Henry VIII.

In Science we will investigate how light works and the significance of this discovery.

Reading and Talk for Writing

In class we will be reading the book ‘A boy called hope’ we will also have access to non-fiction texts in our book corner to support our learning about the Tudors.

English Unit

In this unit, we will be writing a wishing tale. We will build our skills using a range of techniques to build cohesion to ensure the paragraphs link together, linking the start and end of a story.

Memorable Experiences
We will be going to Haddon Hall to see the authentic architecture and take part in some workshops linking to the Tudor period. 

Haddon Hall

Check back soon to see what exciting experience we have engaged with…

Careers and Parental Engagement

Careers: Cabin Crew 

Let’s find out what cabin crew do for a living. What exciting places do they go to visit? What skills do they require? Will speaking multiple languages help them?

Parental engagement: Tudor craft experience

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In this topic we will learn all about different periods of time. Our theme will be gender equality. Looking how male and females were portrayed throughout the years, how have things changed between then and now?

An exciting opportunity in DT to look at embroidery and creating our own fashion piece!

Reading and Talk for Writing

In class we will be reading the book ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ to support us with our English task. We will also have non-fiction texts available in our reading corner to support our work on Tudors. 


We will be using the model text ‘Scarab’ to support our writing for a portal story. This unit will help us build suspense with mystery while allowing us to use a range of creative vocabulary to engage the reader. 

Memorable Experiences
Field Work: Friar Gate – TBC


Check back with us soon for more fantastic work…

Careers and Parental Engagement

Careers: Accountant

We will be looking at an accountant and what skills in Maths they need to conduct their role!

Parental engagement: Maths board games

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Thing You Need To Know

Autumn 1 

Meet the teacher – come into school to meet your child’s new teacher and see the expectations

Thursday 21st September


Health checks for Y6

Week beginning – Monday 25th September


European Day of Languages

26th September


Past Productions (Drama company in school for Topic)

Wednesday 11th October or Thursday 12th October


Parent afternoons

Week beginning – 21st October


Autumn 2 

Anti-bullying week

Week beginning –  14th November


Inter-faith week

Week beginning –  13th November


Children in need

Friday 17th November


Redwoods Lantern Making Workshop

Monday 27th November


Redwoods to visit Town to join the Lantern parade

Saturday 2nd December


Year 6 – Fire safety workshop

Wednesday 29th November


Thursday 30th November

Workshop lead by Police


National Space Centre school trip

Wednesday 6th or Thursday 7th December


Christmas Dinner at School

Tuesday 19th December


Whole School to go to the theatre

Wednesday 20th December


Parental engagement – Making a foam rocket




Friday 22nd December


Spring 1

Sublime Science activity in school

Wednesday 17th January


Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 6th February


Parental engagement – Media representations




Monday 26 February


Spring 2

World Book Day

Thursday 7th March


British Science Week

Week beginning – 8th March


School trip to Eyam

Tuesday 26th or Wednesday 27th March


Parental engagement – Model village building



Summer 1 



Friday 3 May


SATs Week 

13th – 16th May


School Trip to Haddon Hall

Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th May


Parental engagement – Tudor craft activities



Summer 2 

Residential Optional Opportunity

5th – 7th June


School trip – field work Friar Gate and Uttoxeter road



Parental engagement – Maths games




Friday 28 June

It is essential that all children continue to practise their learning at home to remember and embed what they have learnt in school that week. For Awesome Oaks and Resilient Redwoods home learning will be given to the children on a Friday and must be returned by the following Thursday. Children will be asked to attend home learning club during their lunchtime if they do not complete their home learning. Children will get both Maths and English home learning that relates to their learning that week therefore all children should be able too complete it. If children are struggling, they can also choose to attend home learning club for extra support.

If children are struggling or you are unsure how to support your child, please message your child’s class teacher on Class Dojo.

Children will also have the option of completing topic related home learning which can be chosen off of the grid on the topic page.

P.E for both Awesome Oaks and Resilient Redwoods is a Wednesday.


Your child must come to school in their school uniform and bring their P.E kit in a bag. Children will get changed in school just before P.E. Children will change in separate gender rooms. We also have gender neutral screens available for those children who would prefer more privacy while getting changed.


For P.E children should wear a white t-shirt, with black shorts/leggings/jogging bottoms with black trainers or pumps for inside. Children should not be wearing their own sports wear.

Below are a number of websites that are useful for children in year 5 and 6. Click on the image to be taken to the website.




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