Careers Related Learning

Last updated: September 2023

Careers Related Learning is an area of the curriculum that allows children to learn about the world of work in a variety of ways. At Firs we believe that it is vitally important to help educate the children on what comes next and how what they learn within school can directly impact their futures.

Where it began!

In 2019 Firs Primary School, along with several other Derby City Schools were chosen, as part of the ‘Opportunities Area’ project to work with a group of partners to help promote careers related learning within primary schools. This initiative was called ‘Our Future Derby’ and was created after research suggested that children from deprived areas had very limited aspirations when it came to the world of work and only knew about jobs that they had direct contact with, either through family members or those they may have seen on television. Since then the children of Firs have had the opportunity to take part in workshops with the team from Learn by Design and talk to people from a range of backgrounds who work in many different industries.

Careers Related Learning at Firs

Careers related learning has been recently introduced across the whole school at Firs and it has been agreed that at least one CRL session will take part every half term (more regularly if it is appropriate).  These sessions should include interaction with someone from a chosen career– these people can be found using the ‘Primary Futures’ website and can be carried out in person or virtually, whichever is more appropriate.



The main aims of this subject are to:

  • Educate children on the world of work.

  • Ensure children understand the opportunities that are available to them within the wider world.

  • Provide opportunities to meet and talk to people from a range of different careers.

  • Raise the aspirations of our children, showing them how the world of work links with our curriculum.

  • Teach and develop key skills that will help our children be more resilient, such as teamwork, communication skills and problem solving.

  • Develop children’s future employability skills.

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