Updated 23rd September 2022

The main aims of our History curriculum are to:

  • Give pupils, a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, including how that has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.
  • Build pupils’ understanding of significant aspects of world history
  • Develop acceptance, tolerance of others’ beliefs and understanding of ideas such as equality and democracy, by learning about a diverse range of historical times and figures.
  • Develop understanding of historical concepts such as continuity and change; cause and effect; similarity and difference.
  • Inspire curiosity in the past, teaching pupils the methods of historical enquiry. This will include the rigorous use of evidence and discovering how and why contrasting interpretations of the past have been constructed.
  • Give historical perspective, by placing pupil’s growing knowledge into different contexts, making connections, discussing and debating ideas and creating their own structured accounts.
  • Provide opportunities for participating in culturally important events such as: Armistice Day, Holocaust Memorial day, Roma History Month, Black History month.
  • Building a secure understanding of historical vocabulary.

Coming soon… Commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day

Our Historic School


Firs Primary School first opened as Firs Estate School in 1887.


Our school has undergone many changes since then, but amongst our modern addition, many original features remain to serve as reminders of the past and the beginning of our school community.

Amongst the records here, you can see the school log book entry which mentions the outbreak of World War Two.

We have many historical records from our school’s past. These are a wonderful primary source of evidence about historical events as they happened in our community.


School Closure due to Covid19

At Firs, we continued to teach our curriculum with some adaptations during National Lockdown. For pupils at school, the History curriculum at school was  taught as normal. For pupils at home, adaptations were made where children wouldn’t have the resources at home that would be used in school. These adaptations enabled pupils to achieve same learning objective as those in school, just in a different way. As well as adaptations to the task/resources, pupils’ may have been taught History through online zoom lessons, pre-recorded videos by the teacher (such as on loom), or links to online videos (such as National Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize). More information about our teaching and learning during lockdown can be found on our “Whole School Remote Learning Plan” Click here

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