Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education & Sport

Updated September 2023

Physical Education includes; gymnastics, games and dance. Lessons are based on floor work, small apparatus skills and structured work on the large apparatus.


PE lessons are held outdoors in the playground when the weather permits. We have now employed sports coaches to deliver some of the PE curriculum. The coaches are providing extra sports activities at lunch time along with delivering dance and games.


The aims of sport at Firs Primary School are to foster in all children and enjoyment of sport, to develop each child’s personal fitness and to encourage co-operation and teamwork. It is vital that children feel they can participate and succeed in any game or sport and enhance their level of fitness.


Pupils have the opportunity to take part in competitive games such as rounders, tag rugby and hockey.  We hold sports day annually where children are able to take part in a number of sporting activities in teams and work together.


Swimming lessons take place at Queen’s Leisure Centre for children in Year 3. Here they are able to gain confidence in water and the aim is for children to be able to aim to swim 25m unaided.


Follow the links below to view the progression of learning from EYFS to KS3

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Across the school we use our whole class topic books to display work we have done as a whole class, these can be found in every classroom.

We use these as a tool to show visitors the amazing work each class has produced and also for the children within each class to be able to look back and talk about their previous learning, as well as looking at the previous years’ learning. This raises the profile of P.E in school and gets children excited about what they are going to learn about in the future and supports them in recalling their prior learning. The Whole Class Topic book shows how skills and knowledge in P.E is embedded and revisited throughout the year.


We show off our fantastic Physical Education skills in these, they show the objectives for the unit of work and explain what we have done each lesson, below are links to different year groups across the school and our unique Gymnastics pages.

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