Year 1 Spectacular Sycamores and Positive Palms 23-24

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Our teachers are:

Spectacular Sycamores – Miss Hodges and Miss Harrison

Positive Palms – Miss O’Sullivan and Miss Hussein



Autumn Term 1

Spectacular Sycamores

Week Commencing 4th September
Week Commencing 11th September
Week commencing 18th September
Week commencing 25th September
Week commencing 2nd October
Week commencing 9th October
Week commencing 16th October

Positive Palms

Week Commencing 4th September
Week Commencing 11th September
Week commencing 18th September
Week commencing 25th September
Week commencing 2nd October
Week commencing 9th October
Week commencing 16th October

Spectacular Sycamores

Look at our classrooms!

Our classrooms are well organised and provide a calm environment to promote the children to be independent. The children can find their own resources to support them in learning.

Positive Palms

See who our Dojo Masters and School Council Representatives are:

Our Dojo Masters are:

Positive Palms – Inumidun and Olamiposi

Spectacular Sycamores – Ardern and Zane

Our School Councillors are:

Positive Palms – Folarin

Spectacular Sycamores – LA

Below is how our topics will look this year:

Throughout our Bright Lights, Big City topic we are going to be learning all about London. We are going to be looking at the different parts of the UK in geography and different materials in science. As well as this, we are also going to be learning all about the Great Fire of London in History with an exciting visitor this half term!

Key Text:


Our key text this half term is called ‘Katie in London’.

When Katie and her brother Jack visit London with Grandma, something very unexpected happens . . . One of the Trafalgar Square lions comes to life and takes them on a wonderful tour of all the best sights! Including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Big Ben and the London Eye.



Our Hook for Bright Lights, Big City is going to be a visitor coming into our school to teach us all about the Great Fire of London!

During our superhero topic we will be learning about people who have had a significant impact on history. In science we will be learning about animals and in design and technology, we will be making finger puppets!

Key Text:


Our key text this half term is  ‘Traction Man’.

With an action outfit for every occasion, Traction Man patrols the house. Whether he is saving toys (in latex space suit and Perspex helmet, teamed with Rocket Boots); searching the sink for the lost wreck of the sieve (in sub-aqua suit, fluorescent flippers and infra-red mask) or rescuing damsels in distress (in jungle pants, camouflage vest and a bandanna), Traction Man is never less than stylishly turned out and expertly accessorised. He is the last word in heroic fashion flair – until, that is, the day that he is presented with an all-in-one knitted green romper suit and matching bonnet by his owner’s granny. Can Traction Man overcome the humiliation of his desperately dowdy new look and rediscover the action hero within or will the burden of the knitted green monstrosity be too great?



For our hook this half term, we had a superhero day. We all came into school dressed up as superheros and we had an afternoon of special superhero activities. We had assault courses to do in the hall, create our own superhero, design our own superhero cape and to crack the code.

In Paws, Claws and Whiskers we are going to be learning about the hot and cold countries around the world and carry out a study on Big Cats. We are going to be looking at animals including humans in science and we are going to be making 3D clay animals in art.

Key Text:


Our key text this half term is ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’.

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!



Peak Wildlife Park had to unfortunately be cancelled due to the weather, but we are going to be moving this trip to Summer 1 instead!

Throughout this topic, we are going to be looking at the seasons of the year and how the environment changes accordingly. We are going to be looking at the importance of bees on the environment and how they help the seasonal changes of plants in science. We are also going to have a go at a drawing by Georgia O’Keefe using coloured pencils and oil pastels.

Key Text:


The key text for this half term is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Jack and the Beanstalk is a story about a boy who swaps his cow for some magic beans. The beans grow into an enormous beanstalk that disappears into the clouds. Brave Jack climbs up to the very top of the beanstalk and finds himself in the home of a very grumpy giant, who he now has to outsmart!



This half term, we went to Attenborough Nature Reserve. We did pond dipping, woodland explorations and made a bird nest! We had such a brilliant day!

During our topic of dinosaurs we are going to be looking at the famous paleontologist, Mary Anning and all about her discovery of dinosaurs.We are going to look at extinctinction and have a go at drawing our own dinosaurs!

Key Text:


Our key text this half term is ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’.

Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur’s egg ends up in the wrong nest, confusion is sure to ensue! When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he’s so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip. Poor little Drip: all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed . . .



Coming soon!

During the topic, in History, we will be learning about changes within living memory looking specifically at transport over time, including uses of bridges and tunnels. We will also be looking at Isambard Kingdom Brunel who was an architect. He is famous for building the Thames Tunnel. In Design and Technology we will be designing and building a bridge to solve a tricky problem. We will also be comparing transportation, looking into which ones are the most eco-friendly.

Key Text:


The key text this half term is ‘The tunnel’.

Jack fearlessly explores the tunnel he found while playing, but when he doesn’t return, his sister Rose goes in the tunnel to find him.



Coming soon!

See below for any important information you need to know:

Weekly Homework:


Throughout each half term we will be sending home one piece of homework a week, either linked to our English or maths learning and you will also have the option to complete some of the topic based activities as you can find in each tab of the half term, or below:



As well as the topic homework, we also have a school subscription for MyOn. On here is a library of books that your child can read for free, as well as the books that we will send home on a weekly basis. If you want your child to be using this, you can ask Miss Hodges or Miss O’Sullivan for your child’s login details.

Click here to read the letter about how to use MyOn.

RWInc Videos


During COVID, Miss Hodges recorded herself doing the set 2 and set 3 sounds of the RWInc scheme that we follow in school. If you would like to practice these at home, feel free to follow this link.



For Spectacular Sycamores, PE will be on a Monday.

For Positive Palms, PE will be on a Friday.


What to wear:


We ask for the children to wear PE kit each week. They are required to wear black shorts  or tracksuit bottoms, a white PE top and black trainers. During the cooler months, the children can also bring a hoodie to wear, only for PE.

Bright Lights, Big City—Autumn 1

  • Great Fire of London experience day in school

Superheroes—Autumn 2

  • Superhero day

Paws, Claws and Whiskers—Spring 1

  • Trip to Peak Wildlife Park

The Scented Garden—Spring 2

  • Planting our own seeds and bulbs to grow and take home
  • Trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve

Dinosaurs—Summer 1

  • Making our own salt dough fossils

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets—Summer 2

  • Who can build the best bridge? Team investigation

Each week your child will be given a reading book that is matched to their RWI colour group (or an accelerated reader book if your child is in a SPaG group) and a library book that they have chosen themselves.


RWI books will be given out on a Friday.

Our library session is on a Thursday.


These books should be read at home to an adult. This will help your child with their word reading and reading fluency.

Please ensure your child brings these books back to school so that they can be changed.

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