Year 1 Spectacular Sycamores and Positive Palms

Spectacular Sycamores and Positive Palms 2021-22

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Our teachers are:

Spectacular Sycamores – Miss Cooke and Miss McCallum

Positive Palms – Miss Goodhead and Miss Hussain

Look at our classrooms!

Our classrooms are well organised and provide a calm environment to promote the children to be independent. The children can find their own resources to support them in learning.

See who our dojo masters and school council representatives are.

Our dojo masters are:

Positive Palms – Isabelle and Kallum

Spectacular Sycamores – Elijah and Aderinsola

Our school councillors are:

Positive Palms – Alex

Spectacular Sycamores – David

Below is how our topics will look this year:

Throughout our Topic, Bright Lights, Big City, we will be learning about London. For History, we will be exploring the Great Fire of London, thinking about why it happened and how it stopped.  We will also be learning about the capital cities in the United Kingdom.  In Science, we will be investigating materials and their properties. In Art we will be looking at Christopher Wren and creating our own drawing of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Quality Texts

Quality Texts:

For our writing, we will be writing our own journey story based on the book ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

Our Fiction Key text for Autumn 1 is ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We will be using the talk for writing structure to learn and innovate the story. We will be focusing on setting, using drama and exploring vocabulary to uplevel our writing.

After, we will be writing a Non-Chronological report using the Great Fire of London as a focus.



Somebody stole important things from our classrooms! A suspicious figure was seen sneaking into our classrooms with a bag full of our items, even our class laptop! We wrote wanted posters to help find the culprit and wrote a list of the missing items for the police to find them. Thankfully, these were helpful and our items were found very soon after.


Memorable Experience

We will then be recreating the Great Fire of London on the school playground. We will be making Tudor houses and setting  fire to the bakery to see how fast the fire spread through the city.

During this Topic, we will be exploring significant historical figures (Amelia Earhart and Nelson Mandela) who have challenged stereotypes such as gender roles and race.  Through our Environmental Studies we will be looking at Greta Thunberg and how significant she is to fighting climate change.  In science we are looking at animals including humans.

Quality Text

This term, our fiction text is Traction man by Mini Grey. We will use this to help us write a ‘defeat the monster’ story.

For our Non-Fiction topic, we will be writing an information text about Greta Thunberg.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

This term we will be having a superhero day! We will get to dress up as any superhero we would like to. During the day we will get to do an agility/ gymnastics course, find and rescue the people in danger and think about real life superheroes.

More coming soon

For our topic this term, we will be learning about the oceans and continents in Geography.  In Science we are learning all about animals. we will find out about what animals need to survive, classifying animals and investigate animal life cycles. We will also be learning about animals food chains and what habitats different animals live in and why.

Quality Text

Our model text for this half term is based on the book ‘How to Hide a Lion’ by Helen Stephens. We will be writing our own wishing tales focusing on openings and endings.

For our Non-Fiction writing, we will then be learning about instructions and writing instructions about how to care for a pet. We will also create a non-fiction persuasive leaflet persuading someone to visit our City, Derby!


For our memorable experience this term we will be visiting peak wild life park! We will get to investigate the park and see all the animals.

More coming soon

During this term we will be focusing on Brazil and deforestation in the Amazon. In geography we will be using maps and looking at the physical and human features Brazil and England. In Art we will be designing and making a headdress for our Carnival. In Science we will be looking at animals and humans.

Quality Text

For our quality text this term, we will look at the traditional tale ‘The three Bears,’ The Non-Fiction text is a Explanation text on “Why are poisonous frogs are disappearing?”.


During playtime someone had come into our classroom and split porridge all over the floor and pushed chairs on the floor. There were lots of clues left us to find: Golden blonde hair, small hand print, ring and red ribbons.


For our topic experience we had a Carnival in the afternoon, we wore our headdress we made and tried some Carnival foods from Brazil. We even got to practise our samba dancing!

In this topic, we will make lots of mess! We will also learn about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We will take a look at the human body and in Art we will learn about Carl Warner.

Our focus for RE this term is ‘belonging’.


We will innovate and write our very own wishing tale based upon this classic story.


Oh no! Someone came into school and left a mess!


We had a fun-filled messy afternoon!

In Land Ahoy this term, We are looking at Christopher Columbus and Grace Darling. They will learning about his travels, this will link to our Geography where we are looking at maps and the different seas and oceans in the world. In Design and Technology, we will be designing, testing, modelling and evaluating boats. In Science we will be looking at Materials and different properties.

Quality Text

Our Fiction Focus this term is “How the Tortoise broke its shell”. This is a warning story. We will also be doing an Information text on “Why is Christopher Columbus Famous?”.


During Storytime a map got delivered through our class window, the map was of our playground with seven red crosses. We went on a treasure hunt to search for the clues. Once we found all the clues we brought them inside and pieced the clues together. The clues made a broken tortoise shell!


Coming Soon.

See below our important information you need to know:

In maths, we are looking at increasing our children’s fluency with basic skills. Have a go at this interactive game at home!

Here is a list of the spellings your child will need to learn by the end of year 1 and 2:

Our PE lessons happen on a Thursday afternoon. Please send your child to school with their PE kit.

Autumn 1

Make Tudor houses and reenact the Great Fire of London. Parents will be invited into school to help the children build their houses.
Firefighters in to visit school to do a question & answer session

Autumn 2

Superhero day – Children are invited to wear a superhero costume to school.

Parents to be invited to make a healthy dish with their children.

Spring 1

Peak wildlife park There will be a voluntary cost to parents to ensure that this visit will go ahead. 

Parents to be invited to make a clay animal model with their children
Vet to visit school and explain their job. (to be confirmed)

Spring 2

Planting seeds this term to watch them grow.

Parents to be invited to allow the children to share their computing work (programming)

Gardener to talk to the children (to be confirmed)
Summer 1
Parents to be invited to take part in a music lesson with their child
More coming soon!

Summer 2

W/C Monday 6th June – Year 1 Phonic screener week

Parents to be invited to take part in a bridges investigation
More coming soon!

Here are some useful websites that you might want to visit to support your child’s learning.

Maths adding

Pure sounds guide for their phonics test and reading



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