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Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is an integral part of Firs Primary School. Our aim is to provide an environment where each child feels happy, safe and secure.  The Foundation Stage unit includes all children in Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2 . Foundation 1 (FS1) is sometimes called ‘nursery and Foundation 2 (FS2) is also known as ‘reception’.


Themes and Principles of the EYFS


At Firs Primary School we take guidance from Development Matters in the EYFS (a non-statutory guidance to help us to teach the statutory guidance). Set out in this document are the themes and principles that underlie our practice in the Foundation Stage.



Areas of Learning and Development


The Early years Foundation Curriculum is based on ongoing observation and assessment in three prime and four specific areas of learning and the three learning characteristics, which are set out below:



The Prime Areas of Learning

The Specific Areas of Learning


The Learning Characteristics




Click on the link below to download a copy of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage:

EYFS Statutory Framework


If you would like further information about our curriculum and how to break it down, you may wish to look at –  What to expect, when?



Meet the Team

This year our team has changed. We have now mixed our Nursery and Reception children together.


Miss R Marley – EYFS team leader/teacher

Miss F Gilder – EYFS teacher

Mrs A Ottewell – EYFS teaching assistant

Mrs L Capewell – EYFS teaching assistant



Our EYFS unit







School Council Members


Each class has one child who represents their class on the school council. The school council allows the children to voice their opinions and to improve their school.



Class Dojo Masters


Each class has a Dojo Master. Their job is to make sure everyone is following the Firsy values; Fascinated, Independent, Respectful, Sociable and having a You can do it attitude. They also get the opportunity to greet visitors who come to visit the class.





Gold Book


Every week, pupils from each class are chosen to go into the school Gold Book, this may be either for following our ‘Firsy Five’ school values or to be recognised for an achievement. The children will receive a certificate and sticker in assembly.


Autumn Term 1

Week 1 –

Week 2 –

Week 3 –

Week 4 –

Week 5 –



Quality texts


Quality stories we are reading in Literacy this year.

As well as the quality texts during our topics, we will also be sharing books for pleasure. Some of these books include;

Nursery books

Reception books



We’re really excited to cover the following topics this year!

Autumn 1 & 2- Will you read me a story?

Spring 1-  Are we there yet?

Spring 2-  Why do Zebras have stripes?

Summer 1- Are carrots orange?

Summer 2- What is a reflection?/ What’s that sound?


Curriculum Overview

Here is our curriculum overview for this year. EYFS Curriculum overview




What are we learning this half term?





This term (Autumn) our topic is called ‘Will you read me a story?’ We will be learning all about Fairytales and how they differ in settings, characters and events as well as the countries they come from. The children will learn to orally retell the stories and innovate them by changing the setting, characters or events. The children will also begin to write captions, recounts of events and book reviews.


Memorable experience

Look at what the children discovered at school! Someone had broken one of our chairs and someone had eaten Miss Marley’s porridge!!


The children were very excited to go and tell Miss Gilder and Mrs Ottewell outside. The children thought that it might be Goldilocks. They decided to go searching for her.







Learning at home



Your child will be given a reading book to take home. We would encourage you to read with your child everyday. We will hear your child read their reading book once a week and in addition they will have daily reading practice during our Read Write Inc sessions. We will change your child’s reading book weekly.






Home Learning Book

This will be sent home weekly on a Friday. Please help your child but we would like them to be as independent as possible. We do not send home anything for the children that we have not covered in class or spoken about. Please return the home learning book by the following Wednesday.

Homework for Friday 11th October is;




PE days

Reception will have the opportunity to have a teacher led PE session on a Tuesday. Please encourage your  child to dress themselves independently at home at every opportunity.


On the odd occasion our PE day might change due to other experiences at school. Please can your children bring their PE kit in at the beginning of each half term and take it home at the end to wash.





Important dates

Tuesday 10th September – Back to school

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